Scott Donelan Tracking School specialize in copyrighted, professional tracking training for law enforcement, corrections, military and search and rescues applications as well as bespoke courses for those folks whose activities take them “off the beaten track” such as bird watchers, prospectors, hunters, land surveyors and long distant hikers etc.


Scott Donelan Tracking School offer a full array of advanced tracking Applications and consulting services. Our services include tracking related expertise, perimeter/base/business security measures, intelligence collection, and specialty tracking courses. 


The Real Scott Donelan Tracking School

Training the British Army in Kenya
Training USMC EOD Technicians in Okinawa Japan
South African Security Officers Cape Town
International Survival and Bushcraft  Instructors
Overseas Classes
Federal Agents trained on the Border
National Park Rangers defeating drug smugglers
USMC Instructors at Camp Pendleton
The three Levels of Combat Tracking


David Scott-Donelan (also known as DSD) has shared his extensive tracking knowledge by conducting hundreds of classes World-Wide over the last 50 years. Unsurpassed in operational and training experience he developed what is now known as Modern Combat Tracking which combines both “stone age and space age” components into a formidable and essential tool for both police, corrections and military applications. David is not only widely recognized as a master instructor within the tracking community at large, but also holds a place of esteem amongst his past students. 
While serving in the Rhodesian Army in the mid Sixties David received formal tracking training as a stake holder of the Tracker Combat Unit (TCU). The TCU had the unique mission of locating and following the tracks of Communist insurgents infiltrating the borders of Rhodesia and attack the civilian population.  During his 27 years military and police service in Southern Africa David (or DSD as he is known) served with the Rhodesian Special Air Service, Rhodesia Regiment, Tracker Combat Unit, British South African Police Reserve, Rhodesian Light Infantry, Selous Scouts, South African Special Forces and South West Africa Territorial Force. He immigrated to the USA in1989 after winning a place in the USA Immigration Lottery.


In 1994 David, realizing a dire need in both police and military circles for tracking skills. he opened his first tracking school in the United States and never looked back. Guided by his passion for sharing the tracking skillset, his first company experienced rapid and significant growth under his tenure.  By emphasizing the value and tactical applications of visual tracking, David, with his unique man-tracking instructional style, found great interest, support and relevance among law enforcement and military personnel in the USA and beyond.  Following his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to “make a difference and not the dollar,” David left his original school in 2009 and opened his second USA and International “SCOTT DONELAN TRACKING SCHOOL" in January 2010. He now conducts classes all over the USA and overseas.


       In June 2014, I went to Zimbabwe with my wife and her sons to visit the 666,000 acre SAVE Conservancy on the old Devuli Ranch, to visit old friends who are employed to protect the 50 White and 100 Black rhinos living there. They are doing a magnificent job despite a shortage of funding and logistical challenges. To draw attention to the plight of these magnificent animals the protection team produced the attached video which shows the barbarity of the poachers and the difficulties faced by the Game Rangers. If you can help in any way please listen to the last part of the video where Bryce Clemence pleads for financial or material assistance. This is a very worthwhile cause and worthy of your attention.



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National Park Rangers defeating drug smugglers

This picture hardly needs an explanation. Here we have a team of National Park Rangers after tracking drug smugglers on the Mexican border and recovering several hundred pounds of marijuana which, thankfully, will not enrich the drug cartel involved.