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Combat Tracking Operations Level 1  (CTO1)
This 5 day course (40 hours ) is the framework upon which all our courses are built.  This course embodies all the fundamental skills, techniques and tactics enabling students to master the lessons so that they can confidentially and competently operate as individual or team trackers.

Combat Tracking Operations Level 2  (CTO2)
This 5 day course (50 hours.) addresses the practical application of tracking skills already mastered on typical operational scenarios such as Encounter Action Drills, Night Tracking, Urban Tracking, Anti-tracking Techniques, Command and Control of a Tracking Operation, Case studies etc. that they may possibly need during their operations in the field. After this course students are qualified to conduct tracking operations on “real world” military operations.


Combat Tracking Operations Level 3 (CT-03)
This 100 hour, 5 day course is confined to larger organizations such as military sub-units whose members have all completed Levels 1 and 2. After a full days update and revision the students commence a 96 hour, day/night exercise in which all lessons of previous courses are amalgamated into a simulated but realistic mock operation which challenges and tests the students in all the facets of Combat Tracking.  Regular de-briefs are held so as to correct mistakes and guide the students into the most effective tactics and techniques for each set of operational circumstances as they crop up.



The SAR class is a four day (40 hours) training course that is intended for personnel who engage on search and rescue operations and is specifically designed to teach essential tracking skills to locate benign (non violent) subjects.



The BTC is a unique three day class (24 hours) meant to familiarize students with basic tracking principles.  This course is uniquely designed to provide the general public with tracking knowledge and elementary skills.  For the outdoor enthusiast, sportsman, or avid hunter, the Basic Tracking Course is a popular training option.  The BTC provides students with an informative and practical introduction to the tracking skillset.




Tactical Tracking Level 1  (TT - 01)
TT - 01 is a 5 day course (40 hrs.) is based upon over 45 years operational experience and embodies all the fundamental skills, techniques and tactics to enable the student to confidently and competently operate as individual or team trackers. First developed in 1993 this Level 1 course has been presented to thousands of police and corrections officers Internationally with great success. All our Tactical Tracking classes are structured on the possibility that fugitives from justice may be prepared to use deadly force to prevent capture and "Officer Safety" measures are integral to the program.

Tactical Tracking Level 2  (TT - 02)
As a logical continuation of the skills learned during Level 1 this is a 5 day (40 hrs.) course which involves instruction and practice exercise in the typical tracking scenarios which could confront LE and Corrections trackers in the field. Subjects covered include, Night Tracking, Urban Tracking. Anti and Counter Tracking Drills, Aging of Tracks, Case Studies and more.


Tactical Tracking Level 3 (TT – 03)

This seven day course is brand new to our list of training program and is specially written for those who have successfully completed both Levels 1 and 2 who wish to go a step further and qualify for TRACKING INSTRUCTOR status. Many people have asked us about such a course and we have decided to go ahead and introduce it to our program.  We are still working out the details but it will be reserved only for those who show real ability, passion and the desire to train others in this valuable life saving skill. It will be open to those who have attended either a recognized and approved Tactical, Combat or Search and Rescue course.  More details will be posted here soon. However, those interested please contact David Scott-Donelan by phone or email so we can set up a training calendar for the next 12 months.


Rural Tactical Operations (RUTOPS)
This intensive 5 day course (50 hours) trains the police officer or deputy serving in more rural environments and covers the essential tactical skills needed to sustain operations “in the woods” away from built up areas. RUTOPS is specifically designed for officers from law enforcement  and corrections departments who are not familiar with “outdoor’ operations and will give him/her confidence in his/her abilities should he/she be involved in rural tactical operations.